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Flygt A Xylem Brand

Flygt, a brand of Xylem, first introduced the world’s first submersible pump for processing contaminated water in 1948 . Today Flygt is the world’s largest manufacturer of submersible pumps and mixers with the greatest level of experience in handling routine and the most difficult water transport applications.    

Our submersible pumps and mixers are reliable, hard-working, and extremely tough.  Flygt pumps can withstand the harshest conditions while maintaining optimal performance. They are available in variety of materials to handle abrasive and corrosive media. 

Innovation has been the key to success with Flygt pumps and mixers:

  • Their “N-Pump” series with a patented self-cleaning, non-clog impeller can lower your energy bill and reduce the unplanned maintenance costs.   
  • The Flygt “ConcertorTM” series of smart wastewater pumps with integrated intelligence.  A real breakthrough in pump designs, the “ConcertorTM” is capable of sensing the operating conditions of its environment, adapting its performance and providing valuable feedback to operators.  adjusting it’s operation

Flygt pumps and mixers are ideal for everything from applications including industrial effluent, sump pumps, wastewater, sanitary lift stations, dewatering, run-off water, and storm water systems.  

Brown & Morrison, Ltd are a trusted distributor and Factory Authorized Service Center for Flygt (Xylem) in North Carolina and South Carolina.

For more information about Flygt products contact us or visit Flygt.

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Featured Flygt Pumps & Pump Lift Stations

Pumps & Packaged Pump Systems

Wide range of pre-engineered packaged pump lift stations including pumps, basin, piping, valves, monitoring and control equipment.

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Flygt Concertor™

Flygt Concertor™ is capable of sensing the operating conditions of its environment, adapting its performance in real time and providing feedback to pumping station operators. Xylem is now bringing smart and interconnected solutions to the world of wastewater pumping.

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Flygt N 3153 Pump

Flygt N-pumps take on the toughest applications and get the job done. Every component is designed and manufactured to deliver sustained high efficiency.

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Flygt Submersible Pump Lifting Systems

The Flygt Pump Lift™ is used for connecting the hook of the hoist to the handle of the submerged pump. The pump can be lifted and lowered in one hoisting action.

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Featured Flygt Submersible Mixers

Submersible Propeller Mixers

Flygt 4650 Compact Mixer

Flygt 4650 Compact Mixer

Flygt compact mixer components have not only been engineered for reliable operation and efficient mixing, but to reduce energy costs as well.

Flygt 4320 Adaptive Mixers

Flygt 4320 Adaptive Mixers

With its ability to continuously adjust the output to the real and actual demand, Xylem’s Flygt 4320 submersible geared adaptive mixers revolutionizes the wastewater treatment industry by bringing full automation into the mixing process.

flygt 4220

Flygt 4200 Compact Adaptive Mixer

With its ability to adjust the output to the real demand, Xylem’s Flygt 4200 compact adaptive mixer series revolutionizes the wastewater treatment industry by bringing complete control and adaptability into the mixing process.

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