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The Challenges of handling and containing critical fluids and fumes are sufficiently daunting in their own right. So why limit yourself to locating, contracting, and coordinating multiple suppliers in your effort to realize a dependable and cost-effective solution?

Fiber Glass Systems, Ershigs, and Belco.
Three brands – Working as one.
Three brands providing dependable, cost-effective, integrated solutions for the chemical processing… water and wastewater… metals and mining… pulp and paper… electronics… and power generating industries.

On-Site Fabrication and Construction.

No Vessel Too Large.
Process and store large volumes of corrosive liquids in field-fabricated structures which are 120 fee in diameter or more. Or select from standard shop manufactured tank and vessel diameters up to 20 feet in diameter. Proprietary construction methods result in super strong, super durable monolithic shells, free of vertical seams: and they eliminate sidewall deformation during lifting and setting. Double-wall and double-bottom configurations furnish secondary containment and simplified leak detection.

No Vessel Too Small
We manufacture hand lay-up, chop hoop, and helically wound vessels in diameters ranging from 12 inches to 20 feet for corrosive- service tanks. These high quality FRP structures are highly resistant to a variety of chemicals, corrosive environments, and ultraviolet light.

Brown & Morrison, Ltd. are a trusted channel partner for Fiber Glass Systems in North Carolina, South Carolina, and Virginia.

For More information about the complete portfolio of products from Fiber Glass Systems, contact us or Visit Fiber Glass Systems – NOV.

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FRP Tanks and Custom Engineered Products

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