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Brown & Morrison

Process Equipment Specialist

For more than 80 years, Brown & Morrison has been serving the following markets, using our extensive experience in pumping, blending chemicals and dosing systems:

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Chemineer Xytel

Our mission is to operate the premier manufacturers representation and distribution company, providing product sales and related services for the benefit of our customers.

About Brown & Morrison

Brown & Morrison, Ltd offers a broad range of process equipment products and services for industrial applications in chemical processing, pharmaceutical, biotech, food and beverage, electric utilities, pulp and paper, OEM, and general industry.

Brown & Morrison was founded in 1941 to serve the power and process markets in North and South Carolina. In 2008 Brown & Morrison expanded its expertise in these markets to the state of Virginia. Our salespeople have hundreds of years of combined experience in the application of engineered process equipment.

Brown & Morrison, Ltd. is a leading supplier of process equipment solutions to our many customers in the municipal and industrial markets that we service. We are subject matter experts in mixing & agitation equipment, metering pumps, chemical feed packages, positive displacement pumps and much more. Our vision today, as it was 80 years ago, is to be the most sought-after resource for liquid handling equipment solutions by representing the best manufacturers in the markets that we service!


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Brown & Morrison works with industry-leading manufacturers to provide the best quality product to you.
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Brown & Morrison works with industry-leading manufacturers to provide the best quality product to you.

Chemineer Top Entry Agitators and Portable Mixers

Seal-less positive displacement process metering pumps

Progressing Cavity Positive Displacement Pumps, Metering Pumps, Seal-less Mag-Drive Pumps and Grinders/Macerators

Lubrication and Fuel Transfer Pumps and Heat Transfer Media Pumps

Submersible Pumps and Mixers, Packaged Lift Stations and Jet Mixers