Wedeco UV Systems

Disinfection Products Utilizing Their UV and Ozone Solutions.

Wedco a xylem brand

WEDECO is a world leader of environmentally friendly treatment of drinking water and wastewater with ultraviolet light and ozone. With the WEDECO brand for UV disinfection and ozone oxidation, they own the advanced technologies for chemical-free and environmentally friendly treatment of drinking water, wastewater and process water as well as further industrial treatment processes. The broad outline of Wedeco business is to realize the best possible solution for mankind and the environment, as well as the most economic solution.

Xylem’s Wedeco brand manufactures reliable, chemical-free, and environmentally-friendly water and wastewater treatment technologies, including ultraviolet (UV) disinfection and ozone oxidation systems.

Brown & Morrison, Ltd are a trusted distributor for Wedeco in North Carolina and South Carolina.

For more information about Wedeco contact us or visit Xylem, Wedeco.

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Wedeco Disinfection Products

WEDECO Modular GSA GSO generators

WEDECO Modular & GSA/GSO Generators

WEDECO ozone generators are ideally used for disinfection and oxidation of all kinds of process water in industry, laboratory and pilot plant application.

quadron main 01

WEDECO Quadron UV Disinfection System

Xylem's Wedeco Quadron Series is a proven, compact UV solution for the disinfection of drinking water, process water, and other high UV transmittance liquids, whenever a closed-vessel, medium pressure UV system is preferred.

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