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Highly reliable electromagnetic flow meters, includes meters in general purpose, hazardous locations, and remote operation applications.

Whether it’s improving accuracy, decreasing system maintenance or meeting the demands of challenging liquid conditions, Badger Meter Electromagnetic meters deliver the performance your critical flow measurement applications require.

Brown & Morrison, Ltd are a trusted distributor for ModMAG in North Carolina and South Carolina.

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ModMAG M1000 low res

ModMAG® M1000 Electromagnetic Flow Meter

The ModMAG® M1000 Electromagnetic flow meter is designed, developed and manufactured under strict quality standards. It features sophisticated, processor-based signal conversion with accuracies of +0.3%.

ModMAG M3000 low res

ModMAG® M3000 Electromagnetic Flow Meter

The ModMAG® M3000 Electromagnetic flow meter is virtually unaffected by density, temperature, pressure and viscosity changes, making it an accurate and reliable long-term metering solution.

ModMAG M5000 low res

ModMAG® M5000 Electromagnetic Flow Meter

The ModMAG® M5000 Electromagnetic flow meter is an ideal solution for remote potable water applications, providing consistently reliable and accurate measurements.

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