IMO Positive Displacement Pumps

Industry Leading Manufacturer of Rotary Positive Displacement Three-Screw & Gear Pumps for Handling Lubricating & Hydraulic Oils. 

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IMO is a world leader in pumps for fuel handling systems such as booster, oil transfer, purifier / feed and lubrication systems. With a longstanding record of innovation, we have pioneered the development of machine room as well as sealless magnetic coupled pumps.

Foremost manufacturer of positive displacement rotary pumps including 3-screw, twin screw and CIG (Crescent Internal Gear) all widely used on fuel oil and hydraulic applications.

Brown & Morrison, Ltd is a trusted distributor for IMO Pumps in North Carolina and South Carolina.

For more information about Imo pumps contact us or visit IMO.

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Imo 3D Series of Three Screw Pumps

IMO 3D Series of Three Screw Pumps

Series 3D is a general purpose three screw pump available in 19 different displacements.

Imo 3G Series of Three Screw Pumps

IMO 3G Series of Three Screw Pumps

The 3G series pump is intended for use in lubrication, hydraulic and control oil services

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