Barksdale Control Products

Barksdale Control Products

Control Every Move with High Quality Process Flow Instrumentation

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Barksdale designs high performance control products for general industrial markets. Their products include control valves & control instrumentation for pressure, temperature, and level.

Barksdale® is an ISO 9001:2015 registered manufacturer of controls for industrial applications, specializing in the control and measurement of fluids. Barksdale is also IATF 16949:2016 certified for the automotive industry and ISO 14001:2015 certified for effective environmental management systems (EMS).

Throughout the world, Barksdale solutions can be found in steel mills, on machine tools, in auto plants, in power generation and distribution facilities, in chemical processing plants, in pulp and paper mills, textile mills, amusement parks, and food processing plants, on drilling rigs, in oil and natural gas fields, rescue equipment, and on many forms of transportation equipment, both on- and off-road. In almost every industry, Barksdale products are at work, helping customers “control every move”.

Brown & Morrison, Ltd are a trusted distributor for Barksdale in North Carolina and South Carolina.

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Barksdale Pressure Switches

Reliable Mechanical and Electronic Pressure Switches and Transducers.

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Barksdale Temperature Switches

Electronic and Mechanical Temperature Switches Used in OEM and Industrial Services.

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Barksdale Level Switches

Available in Dual Level/Temp Switches and Multi-level Designs.

Industrial level switches offered for use in a broad range of media services.

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Barksdale Hazardous Location

Control Products for Hazardous Location Applications

Industry leading provider of pressure, temperature and level switches that are specifically rated for us in explosion proof applications. 

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