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Extremely accurate flow measurement solutions for a wide variety of industrial and municipal applications.

Founded in Milwaukee, Wisconsin in 1905, Badger Meter has earned an international reputation as a leader in the development and manufacture of flow management solutions. Its products are used to measure and control the flow of liquids, including water, oil and chemicals.

Badger Meter serves the global flow measurement market with products for water utilities and industrial and commercial markets including energy and petroleum; food and beverage; pharmaceutical; chemical; HVAC; process; wastewater; and automotive.

The product portfolio from Badger Meter includes a wide array of solutions that include flow meters such as positive displacement, turbine, in-line variable area, vortex, and venturi.”  Let Badger Meter select the right flow meter for your specific application.

Brown & Morrison, Ltd are a trusted distributor for Badger Meter in North Carolina and South Carolina.

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